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Frequently Asked Questions


In the text below you will find those frquently asked questions. To solve any other doubt, do not hesitate to write us an email to info@betaseeds.com.


Buy Seeds

The sale of seeds is exclusive to full age people (over 18). It is totally prohibited to people under age to buy seeds.

The sale of cannabis seeds in Spain is legal, as well as inother countries, following the Viena convention of 1961, and is not constitutive of a crime the sale nor possession of seeds.

Growing cannabs can be object of administrative bills, and penal, depending on your local legislation (that can vary from one State to another), so it is the user who should inform about local laws that regulate cannabis before proceeding with a purchase. Seed germination is ilegal in all countries. Beta Seeds sells seeds with the condition that they won't be germinated.


How to germinate seeds?

If, as Beta Seeds Crew hopes, some day laws that regulate cannabis change, and cannabis becomes legal, here are the tips to get best germination ratio:

  • Take some paper towels and humid them. Place them on a plate. Put the seeds on the paper toels, and cover them with another paper towel (also pre-humid). Place another plate over (up-side down).
  • Let the seeds germinate for 3-7 days until they pop and you see the root apper. Once germinated, place each seed in substrate with the root looking down and seed lokking up.

All our seeds are sent with the condition that they won't be used by third people ilegaly. Betaseeds.com does not aim anybody to act against law. We would like to remember to all users that they are risponsible of their future acts.


Legal changes and seeds that don't germinate

At betaseeds.com we trust in a future with legal changes, moment when you will be able to germinate your seeds.

Then, in case of doing the right germination process, seeds bought in our stock that don't germinate will be changed for new ones, if are bred by Beta Seeds.

If whatever happens, do not hesitate to contact us, sending us an email to info@betaseeds.com showing the order id. We will contact you as soon as possible.


Security adding your card data

Once payment method selected, the user will be directed to the bank's site, where will be able to introduce all the information on the credit/debit card to proceed with the payment. This way the user can feel comfortable that all the data used won't be collected by our site, as well as the maximum security will be applied. BetaSeeds won't keep any single data from your card.


Order expedition

Once you place your order, we will send you an email comfirming your purchase. The day your order is picked up from our warehouse you'll recive another email with the pick up date, estimated time to deliver, and tracking code (for international orders).


The order has not arrived. What should I do?

You can check your order status anytime using your locator code.

If, once the delivery period has passed (depending if it is national, european, or international), you can contact us by email, and we will do whatever needed to get your order to be delivered. In cases where the order is not delivered due to issues with the postal service, your order will be shipped back to us, and then we will contact you with the way to proceed.


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